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“Three Cups of Tea” author Greg Mortenson came under fire from “60 Minutes” and Jon Krakauer, author of “Into Thin Air.” These posts stem from my encounter with Mortenson in northern Pakistan in 1998.

A Visit to Conspiristan: Obama, Osama, Krakauer, Kroft — and Mortenson

Sydney, Australia May 9 – I know it’s not customary to dateline blogs, but I’m in Oz and I’m going to write about perspective, so it seems fitting.  Here in an antipodal suburb of the global village, I’ve just watched … Continue reading

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What’s the “Big Problem?”

In 1986, my ex-wife and I crossed the Khunjerab Pass into northern Pakistan’s Hunza Valley from China.  On a recommendation from a traveler, we hired a guide to lead us on a three-day trek to the village of Shimshal.  The … Continue reading

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60 Minutes expose on Three Cups of Tea is weak – and wrong.

I believe in the importance of journalism to ferret out charlatans, expose financial fraud, and hold people and institutions accountable.  That said, it’s hard to believe why 60 Minutes decided that Greg Mortenson and the Central Asia Institute qualified on … Continue reading

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